Why you need a vehicle GPS tracking system

Why you need a vehicle GPS tracking system

Vehicle tracking solution becomes very important for company, it would help company to improve the working efficiency,protect their employees when the drivers are on the ways for the transportation, keep safe of their asset for customers.


The vehicle GPS tracking system allows you to see where all of your vehicles are from your computer screen, 24 hours a day.  Instantly locate your vehicles, see where they have been, where they are, and how fast they are going. Know the vehicle mileage, oil status, ACC status, speed and so on. Get instant alerts on your cellular phone when your vehicles have exceeded speed thresholds you set, break the geo-fence or in need emergence rescue.


The vehicle GPS tracking system allow company administrator to monitor the routes employees have driven, and dispatch the nearby drivers to the next position which is nearest to them. This will save the driver time and short the mileage. Save oil cost and time. This also could arrive at the customers place at the shortest time, improve the customer service.


The vehicle GPS tracking system monitor the car real time. Company manager could know if the oil cost is reasonable. What’s more, it could monitor the car if it is on idle status. Every hour a vehicle idles it will use on average one gallon of fuel, as well as wreak havoc on your vehicle’s engine, increasing maintenance cost.


In a word, the vehicle GPS tracking system allows you easily controls your fleet and its drivers. You could accomplish fleet tracking with the click of a mouse.Our company have the vehicle GPS tracking system like VT-360,VT-380 and VT-390 etc, these tracking systems would help people to realize their demand on vehicle tracking solution.