Why GPS tracker display offline

Why GPS tracker display offline on the GPS tracking platform


When you login your account on GPS tracking software, sometimes you may find your GPS tracker is offline. Why?

Following is the reason why the GPS tracker is offline.


  1. The GPS tracker battery power is off

You can call the GPS tracker from your mobile phone, if the SIM card in the tracker does not answer your call; it usually means the GPS tracker power is off, or you can send a SMS command to the GPS tracker, if it has no any reply, it maybe power is off.


If it was a personal GPS tracker that power is off, please charge it with wall charge; if it was a car GPS tracker that power is off, please check if its wire connected well to car power.


  1. The GSM signal is poor

If GSM signal is poor, the GPS data could not be transmitted to the server by GPRS, so the GPS tracker is offline. The underground park, tunnel, remote area, mountain usually has bag GSM signal. You can call the tracker from your mobile phone; if it replies the call could not be put through, it maybe this reason. Please drive your car to a good GSM signal place and make sure there is no metal shelter the GPS tracker.


  1. There is no enough charge on the SIM card

Please call the SIM card supplier to check if there is enough money in the SIM card, if GPRS service is opened. Please confirm then right APN with your SIM card supplier too.


After above steps still can’t solve the solution, you need to use other USB cable/charger to charge the personal GPS tracker, to make sure the tracker is charged successfully. For the vehicle tracker, you need to remove the wire and reconnect, restart, reset, also check other new SIM card.