Pet GPS Tracking

People can use pet GPS tracking solution for their dog, cat or any other animal protection. GPS tracker TE-200 have the collar hole for pet collar, ideal for pet real-time tracking. Also the device can support remote monitoring function that the people can hear the sound around the tracker, know what happen for the dog,cat.


Pets are a very important part of the family. However, when Spot runs away, it can be very upsetting to the entire family. In order to make sure that Spot is always secure and safe, pet owners need to a way to monitor and keep an eye on where Spot is at all times.


If your pet ever goes missing, you as an owner want to quickly find them before something bad happens to them. That is why having a GPS collar for your pet is a valuable investment. Instead of losing Spot forever, you can quickly track Spot and retrieve him.

Pet GPS tracking ways

By attaching one of the GPS devices to a pet’s collar or harness, pet owners can be assured that their pet will be safe. The Track GPS tracking platform allows pet owners to quickly locate and retrieve their pet should they ever get loose. Most devices are also equipped with a microphone so users can easily listen in to what their pet is doing. This is all thanks to the dedicated devices and software of the Track GPS tracking platform.


  1. Locate your pet instantly if you need to know their whereabouts
  2. Proactive alerts; e.g Speed alert indicates your pet is unexpectedly within a moving vehicle
  3. Set up geo-fences, so you are alerted if your pet exits a set area

The tracker can reply with coordinates and web link after command sent, format as below

GPS Info! Time: xxxxx; Lat: xxxx; Lon: xxxx; Spd: xxxxx, Altitude:xxxx Bt: xxx,114.030998

Put coordinates to Google earth or Google maps. Click on search button, then you will find the position fixed. Click on the link then the location can be shown directly on Google Map on your mobile phone.

People can use Android app or iPhone App to track the pet position in real-time, also can use GPS platform can detailed position info. It would help you to protect and track the dog, cat at any place when your pets are not around you.