Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions combine products, software and systems that track vehicles, automate work orders and billing, monitor vehicle conditions and driver behavior and much more. They keep you aware of what’s happening and where so you can optimize delivery routes and schedules and streamline operations across your entire fleet.



With fleet management solutions from GoTrack, real-time data helps you stay on top of fleet operations.

Our solutions are designed to give you complete control over what’s happening out on the road—right from your computer at the office. The technology captures and transmits real-time data to give you all the critical details when you need them. Now you can make more informed decisions, identify issues before they become problems and keep operations economical and efficient. You can also:

Closely manage fleet assets and workloads.

Monitor condition of cargo to prevent loss or spoilage.

Recover lost or stolen assets and prevent fraud.

Improve vehicle maintenance and reduce breakdowns.

With fuel sensor installed in the vehicle, people can know details on the fuel levels. Reports can automatically be emailed to control central, and control central can set up alerts for when the gas level unexpectedly changes.

Vehicles tracker are equipped with speaker and microphone that can support 2 way communications between the owner and the driver so as to provide the drivers with any new work that is encountered thereby saving fuel and providing with the appropriate waiting time to the consumers so as to gain reputation in their eyes.

With RFID reader and RFID card, then the control central can keep track of all the vehicles and driver from GPS platform. This RFID readers and cards have the record of which drivers are operating which vehicles as well as keeping track of their phone number, license plate number, and other pieces of helpful identification information.

Vehicle GPS tracker VT-360,VT-380 and VT-390 can meet this function to do the fleet management solution. These devices support RFID, fuel sensor, temperature sensor and camera. After installation this tracker in the vehicle/cargo, then the people can monitor the driver behavior and track the history data from control central.

More importance is the detailed maintenance reports are provided in various different forms of graphs and charts so as to provide a detailed data to the owners so that they can take appropriate measures to increase their profits.