Truck company

We have a truck company in Mexico that our fleet always go between USA and Mexico, GoTrack GPS tracker that can help us know the real-time position of our fleets, perfect solution for our business, we would install more trackers for our new truck.

Jose - CEO Cojali Truck company
GPS tracker owner

I own a tracking company here in France, the GPS tracker from GoTrack work well in our country, also we sell this to other country, and it is nice working, currently we use the personal GPS tracking, but in future I think we will purchase car tracker, pet tracker

Robert Roe - Boss of EyeTracking

technical GPS

Quality is nice when I test GoTrack tracker, thank you for their support. Now the GPS unit work well on our GPS tracking software. If I have more question in future, I will contact them, thank you very much.

Jane Doe - Technical of NA Rents Company