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Positioning and monitoring in real-time – Clean Street without trash   According to the news reports, Beijing launched integrated management mode which implement of urban and rural, regardless of the area Street station, regardless of primary and secondary roads, regardless of the community, the implementation is just for a standard. Equip with full-time cleaners, advanced […]

Use of GPS positioning function to get back motorcycle which has been sold, 21-year-old employee of the property sell the same motorcycle four times in 2 months. Court of Final Appeal has recently sentenced him to 10 months.   According to Beijing News agency reported the news article:   The prosecution alleges that, in September […]

Satellite navigation system includes a global positioning system (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the Beidou navigation test satellites, the Galileo navigation satellite system (GALILEO), they provide a wide range of positioning for human resources and the environment, satellite navigation are widely used in China’s transportation art industry, precision agriculture, forestry, fisheries, earth resources survey […]