Use of GPS positioning function to get back motorcycle which has been sold, 21-year-old employee of the property sell the same motorcycle four times in 2 months. Court of Final Appeal has recently sentenced him to 10 months.


According to Beijing News agency reported the news article:


The prosecution alleges that, in September 2013 to November, the defendant Mr. Lee sold the motorcycle to the victim, after that, using pre-installed GPS tracker to find the motorcycle, and steal this motorcycle with spare keys. Mr. Lee uses this ways to steal this motorcycle four times.


Documented evidence shows that Mr. Lee “succeeded” in mid-September 2013 for the first time, Beechen East Road, Chatoyant in an apartment downstairs. Successfully steal the victim’s motorcycle which has been sold to Mr. Song. After that, he continuous to do the crime three times, each time with a low sale price of 1,600 Yuan to sell this motorcycle, and then use GPS technology to get back. Until the early morning of November 5, after stealing a motorcycle which has been sold to the victim Miss Yang, he announced selling news again in a used car website. Ms. Yang found that the sales information and saw the seller’s contact details still be Mr. Lee, and she called the police. November 8 the same year, Mr. Lee arrested by public security organs. Court of First Instance that Mr. Lee acts constituted theft, because of its good attitude, according to the law a light sentence of 10 months imprisonment and fined 6,000 Yuan. Mr. Lee appeal after sentencing, but second instance dismissed.




Mismatched parts should be removed as soon as possible


Case, Mr. Lee installed the GPS tracker mounted on the bottom of the motorcycle pedals, relatively easy to find. When the new owners of used motorcycle, check their motorcycle, if found not to match the motorcycle’s accessories, should be removed as soon as possible. Several of the victims in this case not only did not discover, nor change locks, this made Mr. Lee can easily unlock car and do theft. In addition, the judge also reminded the public, when buy a used motorcycle; you should check the motorcycle invoices and vouchers, to prevent buy stolen goods.


Motorcycle GPS tracker now has a great relevance with our lives. You can get the position and track the target in real-time. Mr. Lee use well on this GPS tracking function, but it is used in improper behavior, this is undesirable, but if you can correctly use GPS tracking technology, still can bring great convenience to our lives!