Positioning and monitoring in real-time – Clean Street without trash


According to the news reports, Beijing launched integrated management mode which implement of urban and rural, regardless of the area Street station, regardless of primary and secondary roads, regardless of the community, the implementation is just for a standard. Equip with full-time cleaners, advanced cleaning equipment, so that 50,000 villagers in the area can enjoy the cleaning services as city people.


The street become clean without garbage


Go into the streets of the North community, the street abnormal is clean, planted flowers in front of tenants, residents of Sun aunt play with grandson. “In the past the roadside filled with a mess of garbage, in the summer the smell is terrible with odor. Now, garbage is gone, it was cleaned every day.” Speaking of changes in the community, Sun aunt kept praise.


“With the continuous economic and social development, rural living standards have markedly improved, urban solid waste generation also showed an upward trend, ‘garbage village’ increase evident.” Street garden sanitation responsible person Cho Bo said that from this year, street accordance with the “government-led, market operation, rural and urban implementation” ideas, plans to use two years, gradually improve “trust management, urban and rural implementation, overall responsibility, one in the end,” new mechanism, make entire street environment health-round, seamless, full coverage of management.


Every hundred resident with a cleaner


Street start the city cleaning mode, implement of the integration of urban and rural sanitation. Street Station with community sanitation cleaning, garbage removal unified organization, communities established cleaning team with a full-time cleaners, unified with sanitation professional equipment and management personnel, unified management by the street management; establishment of an administrator, cleaning members gradual examination system, establishment of digital management platform, establishment of dispatch command center, real-time tracking of work, location, supervision. Such as innovation garbage pail electronic tag management via wireless transmission, GPS satellite positioning, the number of trash dumping and time display, real-time monitoring platform, the implementation of scientific management of garbage removal. Garbage removal mode has also been improved, the original separation of garbage and daily cleaning management model is removal, to establish a “unified collection, removal unified, centralized processing, resource utilization,” a new model of urban and rural garbage disposal, to avoid wrangling with each other prevarication.


Fully enclosed garbage removal


On the device Update, remove the original compression type garbage truck, use 7 high degree of automation fully enclosed garbage vehicle instead, replacement of more than 2,000 plastic trash, one trash for every 15 households, implementation butt bucket car, no rubbish ground, to go bucket car clean. On funding, are taking a “Who produces, who pays” principle, establish from the streets, community rating input mechanism. Since May this year, street combined urban and rural work in the whole street 25 communities.


Now GPS tracking system has been applied to many aspects of life, and really bring a lot of convenience to our lives!