New crowd funding on e-bike GPS locator

March 18, Gotop opened a crowd funding activities on Gotrack electronic bike GPS locator; this is the first official meeting online on this electronic bike for majority of users of electric bike. With its powerful configuration and excellent performance, GoTrack electronic bike GPS locator brings unprecedented safety innovation for the electric car industry.


It is understood that GoTrack e-bike GPS locator landed online at 10:00 on March for crowd funding, Product crowd funding number was more than 1,000 units in 3 minutes after online, complete the crowd funding goal in 8 hours, crowd funding amount exceeded 100 million. Crowd funding user who involved now can get the value of 99 RMB gift and insured the sum insured $ 60,000.


Application on e-Bike

China’s current fleet of electric bicycles has more than 200 million, nearly 300 million users; Over the years the traditional anti-theft devices, whether mechanical or electronic anti-theft locks, for the thief always vulnerable non-existent, resulting in electric bicycles theft rate has been high, and the chances of getting back very hard, make the majority of users tremendous distress and property damage. GoTrack hopes such e-bike locator product would protect their asset, and make the traditional electric bikes can also have intelligence experience, as we bring a different electric bicycle anti-theft reliable manner.


GoTrack e-bike GPS locator uses imported Swiss U-Blox high-performance GPS chip, equipped with 25mm × 25mm oversized ceramic antenna, outdoors, in the open environment of the GPS signal is good, the positioning accuracy can be maintained at less than 10 meters, hot start only one second, both precise and rapid positioning. The device has built 500mAh lithium polymer battery, if the battery is removed, GoTrack e-bike GPS locator still can operate normally for some time.


Tracking APP

After the electronic bike installed Gotrack GPS locator, user can get location of bike in real-time through the Gotrack phone APP software. If the electric bicycle body vibration occurs, unlawful displacement or removal of the battery and other anomalies, it will also timely send alarm messages to mobile phones, allowing owners to quickly understand the status of the vehicle. You can use car reporting APP to check electric bicycles detailed records of time travel path and abnormal happening spot within 30 days At the same time you can check the remaining battery and can exercise the mileage data such as electric bicycles through APP, convenient and reasonable plan your trip.


Gotrack e-bike locator is the new brand promoted from Gotop, Gotop was established in February 2000, is a hardware-based intelligent, committed to creating different GPS locator for security protection.