In related news: From July 1, “Road transport vehicle dynamic supervision and management approach” (the “Approach”) will be formally implemented; there would be higher requirements and constraints on dynamic regulation of road transport vehicles


“Rules”, the road transport vehicles, including tour buses, charter buses, three or more classes lines bus, dangerous goods transport vehicles, tractor-trailer and heavy truck (12 tons and above), should be installed that use of standard satellite positioning device. Otherwise, the road transport authorities will not release or factual “road transport permits”, the vehicle can not be on the road.


“Rules”, road passenger transport and road transport of dangerous goods business enterprise monitoring platform, should be connected to network focus control system, wherein the vehicle information and dynamic enterprise, the driver, the vehicle-related information should be uploaded to the national road transport vehicle dynamic public information exchange platform to facilitate supervision and management. Clarified the vehicle responsible, in case irregularities occurred in the driver while driving, according to the monitoring platform is easy to manage.


“Rules” Again, the main responsibility for road transport vehicle dynamic control, is the road transport enterprises, that business shall be equipped with full-time staff to monitor the establishment of appropriate systems for vehicles and drivers for dynamic monitoring, and promptly correct driver speeding, fatigue driving and other illegal activities.


The heavy-duty truck and tractor-trailer that has entered transportation market shall all be installed on December 31, 2015, use of satellite positioning device, and access to public road freight vehicle platform.

GPS tracking device play a supervisory role in the transport for the transport sector, the vehicle sector only need to track via GPS monitoring platform then will be able to understand the operational status of the vehicle, and more to protect the safety of large trucks.