What is Car GPS Tracker?

GPS global positioning system is usually referred as GPS by people, there are various kinds of receivers for satellite global positioning system, according to the classification performance and it would has different types. If you follow the model to distinguish, it can be divided into the timing type, total station, hand-held, geodesic type, etc; if classified according to their use, it can be airborne type, ship type, space borne formula and vehicle-mounted and so on. When the amount of hardware and software combination, and then use the GPS positioning terminal for acquiring location information of the vehicle, then known as car GPS tracker. With this positioning system, enabling to obtain the position of the vehicle, it can also play anti-theft, anti-robbery function.


Usage and Installtion

Currently, the car GPS tracker has all day, all-round, all-weather navigation/positioning, speed and other characteristics, and that has been gradually extended to the various types of vehicles which play an important role. Therefore, knowledge of all aspects of the use of its installation, we should know more about it. In fact, the installation method of the system is relatively simple. In addition to technology-related professional and technical personnel to install, people who familiar with the electricity savings might also be a fee for themselves, try their ability to install. If you can find the right car power positive and negative, it can be directly connected to the positive and negative power supply according to the manual.


Place to install

Because GPS positioning by satellite, the impact of clock error of the receiver, as well as atmospheric propagation errors, the satellite ephemeris errors, etc., will affect the accuracy of GPS to work. In order to avoid further increase the error, it should pay attention to the installation position of the car GPS tracker, if it is installed in the windshield with a metal frame where the thermal layer, will have to accept some interference on the GPS information, even cause tracker do not work normally