How GPS Works

What’s GPS tracker?

GPS tracker is a tracking device with built in GPS/GSM model and GPS/GSM antenna, for the personal and pet GPS tracker, it would use built-in GPS/GSM antenna; For car GPS tracker, always would use external GPS/GSM antenna.

It get a position via GPS signal, then send such GPS signal data to mobile phone by SMS or to tracking platform by GPRS. Users could get the GPS tracker position on the maps on the tracking platform or phone. Also tracker can support listen-in, two ways communication,geo-fence,movement alert etc, even the vehicle GPS tracker can support RFID,Camera and fuel monitoring, this would help people to know more what happen on their child/car/vehicle/pet from control central in real-time.


How the GPS tracker works?

  1. A SIM card is a must for a GPS tracker. The sim card transmits the GPS data to the phone number or tracking platform. What’s more, most of GPS tracker has two way talking communication, this function make the tracker equals to a mobile phone.
  2. The GPS tracker should be put outside or Near to the window. The GPS tracker can’t get GPS signal if it is inside. Most of GPS tracker will transmit its last GPS signal when it is in door or in somewhere no GPS signal.
  3. Three working mode:

3.1 Track the GPS tracker on the online GPS tracking software

Please visit:  demo user name: ftracking password:123456 to check the demo.


gps software


3.2 Track the GPS tracker on the Android app

Please login to download the Android app on the login page

App User name: demotest   password:123456



Track the GPS tracker on the mobile phone by SMS

The GPS tracker will reply a Google map url, you could see the position via clicking the url




You will get following map on your mobile phone:


Tracking the gps tracker via SMS is the easiest way, we suggest you to use this method if you just need a simple location.

Step to use GPS locator

Load a GSM SIM card into the tracker and subscribe the GPRS service. Please make sure that the SIM card is able to execute the function of incoming calls display, no calls can be diverted and the PIN code is locked. And switch the tracker on.

>Obtain IMEI Number

>APN Configuration

>GPRS Login User Name and Password Configuration

>IP Address and Port Setup