GPS Tracking devices

Long battery life GPS tracker TK-209B

GPS tracker TK-209B has the big battery capacity 20000mah, support for long days tracking, also have super magnet for strong installation and waterproof for working outside. Always it can be used on container,trailer,asset tracking.

Simple Tracking GPS TK-206A

GPS tracker TK-206A is designed for simple GPS tracking with its small size. Built-in GPS/GSM antenna that can support easy installation. People can use it for car, motorcycle or electric bike tracking.

Guard GPS tracker TK-208

GPS tracker has long battery life tracking time, also support SOS button and listen-in function. With fashion appearance that people can use it for guard tracking, also can be used on asset,car, bike tracking solution with its long working time.

Vehicle GPS Tracker VT-380

GPS tracker VT-380 supports 5 Digital input and 5 Output, 2 Analog input detection. It can be used on vehicle tracking and fleet management, support to work with temperature sensor, fuel sensor, RFID and crash sensor etc

Vehicle GPS tracker VT-360

GPS tracker VT-360 can be used on vehicle tracking, fleet management with extra GPS/GSM antenna, it supports 3 Inputs, 2 Outputs, 1 Analog Input, 1 RS232 port that can make tracker to work with RFID,fuel monitoring,temperature sensor etc

SOS GPS Tracker TE-207

Mini GPS tracker TE-207 with big SOS button,always be used on kids, child, lone worker tracking, people also can use it for other security tracking purpose. This tracker have four color blue,black,green,pink for choice.

Watch GPS Tracker TV-680

GPS Tracker TV-680 is a kind of watch GPS tracking devices, the screen can support to display time,date,position and the speed.It supports listen-in and 2 ways communication, always can be used on man tracking, sport or other security propose.

Multifunctional GPS Tracker VT-390

GPS Tracker VT-390 is multifunctional unit for gps tracking solution, work with camera, RFID, fuel monitor,2 ways talking and other based function. Also it support the RS232 port,people can connect it to the function they need for fleet management.

GPS Tracking Software

GPS software include the web online GPS tracking platform and Android APP tracking. The web GPS tracking software support to create user ID and add devices,help for the fleet management online in real-time. Andorid App for tracking by mobile phone

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