Vehicle GPS tracker

Vehicle GPS Tracker VT-380

GPS tracker VT-380 supports 5 Digital input and 5 Output, 2 Analog input detection. It can be used on vehicle tracking and fleet management, support to work with temperature sensor, fuel sensor, RFID and crash sensor etc

Vehicle GPS tracker VT-360

GPS tracker VT-360 can be used on vehicle tracking, fleet management with extra GPS/GSM antenna, it supports 3 Inputs, 2 Outputs, 1 Analog Input, 1 RS232 port that can make tracker to work with RFID,fuel monitoring,temperature sensor etc

Multifunctional GPS Tracker VT-390

GPS Tracker VT-390 is multifunctional unit for gps tracking solution, work with camera, RFID, fuel monitor,2 ways talking and other based function. Also it support the RS232 port,people can connect it to the function they need for fleet management.