GPS Tracking solution

  • Pet GPS Tracking

    People can use pet GPS tracking solution for their dog, cat or any other animal protection. TE-200 have the collar hole for pet collar, ideal for pet real-time tracking. Also the device can support remote monitoring function that the people can hear the sound around the tracker, know what happen for the dog,cat.

  • Child GPS Tracking Solution

    Child tracking solution would protect children when they are alone, on the school way or way home. With tracking devices, the child can press the SOS button for emergency call or just press the Call button for talk with parents. Patriarch also can track their child location in real-time by computer or mobile phone.

  • RFID GPS Tracking Solution

    These vehicles pick up their loads and track their movement through RFID tags and GPS tracking. By using RFID tags on the items, and RFID readers mounted on vehicles, the data collection task is taken out of the hands of the driver and performed automatically, allowing your workers to focus on picking items and not collecting data.

  • Fuel monitoring

    Fuel is the life-blood of any fleet or transit organization, but as a mission-critical asset, it can be difficult to manage. Unlike other consumable commodities, the price of fuel is hypersensitive to market influences. As a result, fuel is often the most significant expense incurred by fleet and transit organizations, and tracking fuel costs and consumption becomes essential to controlling the bottom line.

  • Asset GPS Tracking

    Asset GPS tracking solution always can be used on goods tracking,contaner tracking,bike tracking or any other target GPS tracking. TK-208 and TK-209B have the long battery life working time, people can use this for target which need to track long time without charge.

  • Fleet Management

    Fleet management solutions combine products, software and systems that track vehicles, automate work orders and billing, monitor vehicle conditions and driver behavior and much more. They keep you aware of what's happening and where so you can optimize delivery routes and schedules and streamline operations across your entire fleet.