June 11, Beijing National Convention Center, The 2014 geographic information Developers Conference (WGDC2014) kicked off here as the theme of “open intelligence fusion”. Geographic Information Development Conference held since 2012, during these three years, with the rapid development of China’s geographic information industry, now has become the most influential in the field of geographic information technology innovation event, important international exchange platform.


In the morning of June 12th, in the compass Business Innovation sub-forum, General Manager Yang brings a wonderful speech.


The following is the speech:


Very pleased to have this opportunity to discuss with everyone. Our businesses may be a little different from yours, we present here the businesses are some of the things behind the satellite industry; we engaged in the installation of satellite positioning, structures, and provide the car networking services. We highly targeted on vehicle cross-platform networking, currently targeted at commercial areas, commercial vehicles always mean vehicle, trucks on the market, which have great service needs and requirements in the market.


After two days of meetings, I think it is benefited. I see a lot of maps and location technology in the field are very good and very good idea, there are a lot of good products and applications. Company here, when explore new applications and new products, you can access them to our large commercial vehicles networking platform, let it more targeted and more services.


We’re doing now is mainly aimed at commercial vehicles, we believe that the commercial vehicle has five core networking technology, firstly it is the map, GIS location-based services role it played. Via the map’s technology, we extend the services it provides, including transportation, traffic, 4S, rescue, insurance, etc., for this group we feel will do more as well. Then there is the application of cloud computing technology, it has given us a good approach, we compute intensive applications through the cloud, we will make analysis of the trajectory of the market lies. Then there is the GPS, Beidou, satellite positioning technology, communications technology also provides hardware for our service, or feasibility of communication.


The basic idea for development of car networking is satellite positioning, location services, we will apply to the whole process of car networking platform. Car networking platform truly provides services to commercial vehicles, is our truck, we build an effective platform, to make our car team, or company, vehicle, and the driver, let three combination effectively. The platform is open; many of its products and services can be effective connecting. We connect with the government, including connecting public security or traffic, transportation management, through this connecting, through our location services, the vehicle can be effectively regulated and controlled. We connect Oil Company, gas stations; Petro China, Sinopec, providing vehicle location services and refueling refuel services. We connect some weather information, from time to time to provide weather information. And may our daily information and services required is not the same to private cars, this is more highly targeted. We connect with 4S maintenance service shop, let him can easily find the nearest shop and help him solve the problem when something goes wrong, or rescue teams. Through some insurance and financial means of payment to build up, it can be achieved in the above smooth transaction. This is what we always wanted to build the networking platform. We have been moving in this direction to work on.


We hope that we are now able to use GPS location, and some of the technology to commercial vehicles for vehicle networking. So we need to understand something on the vehicle in this area, or the user in the field. Users in this area, from the current industry perspective, 12 million cargo vehicles, 30 million employees, more than 40 per cent of heavy trucks 8 tons, 87% of vehicles freight business, on average, each enterprise in freight vehicles is 1.8. Through this we can see that the characteristics of this area are small, scattered, chaotic, and it is now relatively large characteristics. Again our domestic commercial vehicle empty rate is very high; China is 40%, only 10% in the United States. We are now truck holdings accounted for 8.7% of the total vehicle fleet.


Safety is concerned, it is because the truck tonnage is relatively large, and their impact on the road safety hazards and traffic accidents which have caused is very large. To address this issue we hope that through the application of our positioning technology and mapping technology, to improve and resolve. In 2009, Ministry of Transportation proposed the establishment of key operating vehicle monitoring system linkage, in 2011, clear regulatory heavy goods vehicles with satellite positioning utilization rate is 95%, but also need to access to regulated services platform. In fact, from the government’s perspective, this matter is already having a full understanding and policy support.


By supporting the government, and continually expand in this area, we can now achieve a good user aggregation. In vehicle services and location-based services, we also carried out some work, made some achievements. Of course, we think, there are still many things to do on this platform, the idea of our platform is open, cooperative, win-win concept, so I believe the future we have a better car networking products.