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Multifunctional GPS Tracker VT-390

GPS Tracker VT-390 is multifunctional unit for gps tracking solution, work with camera, RFID, fuel monitor,2 ways talking and other based function. Also it support the RS232 port,people can connect it to the function they need for fleet management.

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VT390 is a most Multifunctional and high-cost effective GPS tracker, it is equipped with ARM9 high speedy microprocessor; supporting camera (location &driving information log on picture). Bidirectional communication; support max 64GB SD card for storing data and pictures; 4 A/D connectors for multi fuel sensor monitoring; support unique active RFID for automatic anti-theft and driver identification; support OTA (updating online) for upgrading new firmware by GPRS if needed; with harsh braking & acceleration alarm and accident alarm; and many useful functions and extensions for fleet management and vehicle security purpose.


Multi functional Tracking Feature

RFID Driver Identification

Photo taken and online Image Monitoring

Support max 64G SD card

Two way communications listen and speak

4 fuel sensor monitoring

Harsh braking and harsh acceleration alarm


Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)

Tracking by distance or time interval

ARM9 high speed microcontroller

OTA function

Remote control engine

Lock/Unlock the car door remotely

Mileage report

Monitor door/ACC/Trunk/Windows/light status

Store 10000+ waypoints if GPRS is fail

Built-in motion sensor for power saving

Check the car’s real physical address

Locate by SMS with Google map’s link

SOS Alert, Movement Alert, Geo-Fence Alert, over-speed Alert.

External Power cut Alarm/Low battery alarm

GPS Blind Area Alarm/Idel alarm Lock/Unlock the car door remotely

Fuel steal/leakage alert (Optional)

Accident alarm (Optional)

Monitor temperature (optional)

I/O: 5 digital inputs, 5 outputs, 4 analog inputs, 1 camera port, 1RS232 port, 1 SD card slot


Multi functional GPS tracking purpose, Technical details:

Items Specification
Power Supply +9V – +36V / 1.5A
Backup Battery 850mAh
Normal power consumption 85mA/h
Dimension 110mm x 80mm x 30mm
Installation Dimension 110mm x 80mm x 30mm
Weight 180g
Operating temperature -20° to 75° C
Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Frequency Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS Module latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
GPS Sensitivity -158Db
GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A Code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Position Accuracy 10 meters, 2D RMS
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s
Time Accuracy 1 us synchronized to GPS time
Default datum WGS-84
Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average
Hot start 1 sec., average
Warm start 38 sec., average
Cold start 42 sec., average
Altitude Limit 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity Limit 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max.
LED 2 LED lights to show GPS/GSM status.
Button One SOS Button
Interface 5 inputs,5 outputs, 4 A/D ports, MIC & Speaker port, camera port, RS232

port, SD card slot


Multifunctional GPS Tracker VT-390

PIN Number Color Description
Input 1/SOS White wire Digital Input 1 (negative triggering)

E.g. connect SOS panic button

Input 2 White wire Digital Input 2 (negative triggering)

E.g. detecting status of vehicle door on/off

Input 3 White wire Digital Input 3 (negative triggering)
Input 4 White wire Digital Input 4 (negative triggering), e.g. detecting the ACC
Input 5 White wire Digital Input 5 (negative triggering)
AD 1 Blue wire 10 bits Resolution Analog Inputs. 0-6V DC Detection. It can be used to connect with temperature/fuel sensor etc.
AD 3 Blue wire 10 bits Resolution Analog Inputs. 0-6V DC Detection. It can be used to connect with temperature/fuel sensor etc.
Power Red DC In (power source). Input voltage: 9V~36V. 12V suggested.
Output 1 Yellow wire Output1. It can be used to connect with relay for engine immobilization.

Low voltage (0V) when effective and open drain (OD) when ineffective

Output open drain sink voltage (ineffective): 45V max

Output low voltage sink current (effective): 500mA max

Output 2 Yellow wire NC
Output 3 Yellow wire E.g. connected with siren
Output 4 Yellow wire E.g. Unlocked car door
Output 5 Yellow wire E.g. Lock car door
AD2 Blue wire 10 bits Resolution Analog Inputs. 0-6V DC Detection. It can be used to

connect with temperature/fuel sensor etc.

AD4 Blue wire 10 bits Resolution Analog Inputs. 0-6V DC Detection. It can be used to

connect with temperature/fuel sensor etc.

GND Black Ground, Negative

Expansion Tracking capabilities

3G GPS tracker (WCDMA850/900/1900MHz/2100MHZ)

WIFI GPS Tracker (Data transmit by WIFI network)

Phone reader GPS tracker (Compatible with Car alarm and RFID function)

OBD GPS Tracker (Connected with OBDII)


Standard accessory

1 GPS Antenna/ 1 GSM Antenna/ 1 Set of Socket Cables/ 1 Manual/ 1 Relay/ 1 Microphone

Optional accessory

RFID reader/tags/ Camera/ Fuel sensor/ Temperature sensor/ 4G SD Card/ Speaker/ Crash sensor/ Siren / Remote Controller/


Online Tracking platform

Admin account login, able to create user account and add devices

Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)

Location History replay

Send command online to set GPRS Interval, set SOS number, stop/start engine

Movement Reports: Vehicle Stop/Start Report, Engine Idle Report

Mileage calculation

Alarm Reports: SOS alarm, speeding alarm

Multiple Leaving/ Arriving Geo-fencing

Image taken Report

Fuel Monitoring Report

Multiple languages available



Vehicle Real Time Tracking

Car Security/Anti-Hijack

Fleet management

School bus tracking



How to use Camera for tracker?

Install the optional accessory camera to the tracking device via camera port, configure SMS command (Check manual for command list)  for the extended photoing parameters.When alarm is triggered, the camera would take photo automatically, and then transmit the photo back to control room, then the control room can see what happen in the vehicle. Also people can take photo from tracking platform or sending SMS any time if they want to know circumstance in the vehicle.

What is RFID for vehicle tracking?

Each authorized driver takes a RFID inductive card; the card-reader is connected to the tracker via USB cable. When the inductive card is close enough to the car, the card-reader will get the identity (ID) number from the inductive card, and send this ID No. to the server platform via GPRS, and then the administrator can monitor the driver’s ID and his name from platform. Unauthorized driver without RFID inductive card couldn’t turn on the vehicle engine.

When the inductive card held by the driver is far away the car, the tracker will ARM, and it will cut off the oil & Power of the car automatically. Then even if the driver forgets to bring key with him, the car will be armed for anti-theft.When the inductive card is close to the car, the tracker will disarm, and the oil and power of the car will be resumed automatically, then you can drive the car normally.When the tracker in Arm state, tracker will send alarm message both to your phone and to the server platform.

How fuel monitoring works?

Tracking device VT-390 support 4 A/D ports, it means this GPS unit can connect 4 fuel sensors to work at the same time, always for the vehicle with several fuel tanks. Fix fuel sensor in fuel tank uprightly, ensure part of stainless steel installed in fuel tank totally and the length same as interval height of fuel tank,and then connect wire of fuel sensor to the power supply and tracker. After install the fuel sensor correctly, the tracking unit would send fuel value to tracking platform along with GPS data by GPRS automatically.


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