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Car GPS tracker TK-206

Car GPS tracker TK-206 has the built-in GPS/GSM antenna that ideal for car tracking,it support SOS call, Microphone for listen-in, relay for power cut off /on function. Easy for installation for car and simple to operate.

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TK-206 is easy installation GPS tracking device with high working performance. It is a simple tracker with basic function and easy install and use. The most important feature of it is the small dimension and easy hidden. It is just like a part of the car. The one who stole the car will don’t know it is a tracker. You can track the car by Phone App or GPS tracking website and find the car easily.


Feature of GPS Car Tracker

Working voltage: 9-75V
Inbuilt GPS/GSM antenna
Tracking via SMS or GPRS
Engine cut remotely
SOS button for emergency rescue
Voice monitoring
Geo-fencing alarm
Low battery alarm
Vibration alarm
Movement alarm
Online tracking software,Android/IOS app
Main pow cut alarm
Sleeping mode


Car GPS tracker Specification

GSM module GSM 850/950//18000/1900MHz
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS center frequency L1, 1575.42MHz
GPS positioning accuracy 5 m
Speed accuracy 0.1 m/s
Time accuracy In sync with GPS
Hot start 1 s
Cold start 38 s
Maximum altitude 18000 m
Maximum speed 515 m/s
Acceleration of gravity ﹤4g
Operating temperature -20—65℃
Humidity 5%—95%
Dimensions (mm) 95x55x15 mm
Voltage 9V – 75V
Average standby current Less than 80MA
LED Power supply, work status indication
External alarm switch SOS


Installation of Car GPS

gps tracker installation

1 This equipment is standard for power supply 10V-75VDC, please choose the original provide power supply cord, red line power positive, the black line for power negative;

2 The original car security line (Orange line)

3 Broken oil electricity control line (yellow line) to pick up off the gas and electric relay 86 feet (i.e. relay socket in the fine yellow line)

4 MIC line(2pin)

External microphones, realize voice surveillance function

5 SOS line(2pin)

External SOS switch button, used for emergency calls for help


Standard accessory

1 Power wire/ 1 SOS button/ 1 Relay/ 1 Microphone/ 1 Manual

GPS Tracking platform

Admin account login, able to create user account and add devices

Android APP

Real time Tracking (Google Map/Google Earth)

Location History replay

Movement Reports

Alarm Reports/SOS alarm/Low battery alert/Main power cut alarm/

Multiple Leaving/ Arriving Geo-fencing

Multiple languages available


GPRS Online Tracking

Set APN Command (Your APN)

Command: APN,APN’s Name

For example: APN,CMNET

If APN need user name and password, please set it like this:

Command: APN,APN’s Name,User Name,Password

For example: APN,CCDLEN,QIUXIA.21,RX0000

Setup IP and Port

Command: adminip123456+space+IP+space+PORT

For example: adminip123456 6500 (Set our IP and Port)

Set time interval

Command: upload123456+space+xxx xxx unit is second, it should more than 10

For example: upload123456 60 the device send GPS data every 60 second



How to installation the car GPS tracker?

Install the tracker is hidden installation; you’d better to install it with the help of professional companies or workers authorized by the distributor. Please install it according to the following instruction.

  1. To avoid the thief’s destruction, the tracker should be installed in a hidden place.
  2. Don’t put the tracker together with the emission sources, such as the parking radar system, alarms and other vehicle-carried communication terminals.
  3. You can fix the tracker with the cable tie, or glue it with wide strong sponge double-sided tapes.
  4. Because the tracker has GSM and GPS antenna inside, please make sure the reception side of GPS is upward (facing the sky), and there is no metal shelter above the tracker. Suggestions are as follow:

A, Hidden area under the decoration board below the front windshield or back windshield;

B, Hidden area around the front panel (with a surface made of non-metal materials);

Attention: If there is a metal insulation or a heating layer glued in the windshield, it will reduce the efficiency of GPS signal reception, and the GPS can’t work well, you need to find other places to install again.

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