Currently there are many brands of GPS locators on the market, depending on the performance of the product have different price, ranging from several hundred to several thousand. GPS locator can be divided into personal and vehicle terminal positioning tracker. GPS car terminal is installed in the vehicle includes a GPS receiver capable devices. GPS car terminal is divided into two types, one is the means with autonomous navigation capabilities, and the other is with the communication of tracking. Here are there is the tracking and positioning terminal products we refer. Functions implemented include positioning, monitoring, alarm; lock your car, cut off the oil, geo fence. GPS monitoring is technology that combine of GPS technology, wireless communication technology (GSM / GPRS / CDMA), image processing and GIS technology, be used on moving people, pets, vehicles and equipment for remote real-time monitoring.


The satellite navigation have much room for development in many fields such as aviation, sea, rail, construction, telecommunications, electricity and other aspects of the application, In the next few years, with the rapid growth of mobile phone positioning and mobile location services expand, the cellular integration of satellite navigation positioning mobile phones will take place of the original vehicle-based applications. In industry output, the share of operations and services will gradually increase.


From 2008 to 2012, GPS vehicle positioning system is still developing. With the rapid information technology, the GPS locator would become more powerful. GPS vehicle monitoring system will improve the level of corporate information. The application of GPS vehicle positioning system is a great convenience to both the car and goods related information collection and transfer, realize network information for the enterprise, through a combination of communication and computer technology, graphics technology, to achieve the vehicle and cargo effective tracking, real-time static scheduling, transparent transportation, to improve the level of corporate information.


Many local governments have explicitly requested dangerous goods vehicles should be installed the GPS locator, in addition to the rental industry, the credit industry, leasing industry, the logistics industry and other industry have problems on the vehicle management, will be looking invest in GPS vehicle monitoring systems. Today GPS locator on the subject of the logistics industry, leasing industry, the credit industry, as well as internal respected, won the praise.


GPS positioning products can achieve that when people use ordinary cell phone to send a positioning instruction message to GPS locator, the locator can reply to the phone with text message location information. With the improvement of the level of the position positioning and the position would become more accurate. Clink the link of SMS message, the details position will show on the phone. People also can use computer to track the target in real-time if need.


Not only improves the level of information of an enterprise, but also will help reduce transportation costs, through a wireless communication network to send info to the GPS locator, reduce vehicle uptime and driver working time, and clearly understanding of the vehicle tracking history by mileage statistics, time statistics, meanwhile can reduce vehicle transportation costs and labor costs.


With the rapid development of related industries and road transport, the vehicle operations, efficient management and security has become more and more importance. 3G / 4G network development that will make the data platform bigger, GPS locator help us to build a real-time, remote and safe vehicle environment.