GPS chip industry mushroomed after 2003, showing a flourishing situation. Currently GPS chip is designed and produced by more than 10 manufacturers, including the United States SiRF (SiRF), Garmin (clever), Motorola, Sony, Fujitsu, Philips, Nemerix, uNav, uBlox etc.


SiRF acquired Motorola’s GPS chip business in 2005, and will cooperate in Motorola’s GPS-enabled smart phones in future. Coincidentally, Qualcomm enhanced 3G CDMA2000 EV-DO mobile phone chip design and features integrated GPS. Nextel, SiRF’s technology is also being used to achieve their phone GPS.


The United States has adopted a law requiring mobile phone manufacturers must be integrated GPS receiver to the product which provide positioning and emergency call function in 2007, 2007 is already the 3G era. Visible, although now integrated GPS-enabled mobile phones have not yet entered the mainstream market, but in the future 3G mobile phones in high-end models will generally integrated GPS capabilities.


In July 2005, Dr. Zhou returned to overflow also introduced China’s first piece of GPS chip.


Although vendors everywhere, SiRF GPS in the field of non-independent status just as the Intel field in PC industry,  mainstream products are almost all use SiRF chips. Therefore, the reader should understand several main types SiRF chip can understand the core technical differences between non-independent of GPS.


In addition, Garmin occupy half of the standalone GPS device market, Garmin mainly use their own chip. Garmin’s IT field like IBM, from the map software to the GPS device and the core chip, it is a vertically integrated industrial company. In some areas of non-independent GPS, Garmin also use SiRF chips.


Emerging GPS chip companies are almost in the existing market is difficult to have a foothold, they look primarily aimed at the future integrated GPS of various IT devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, laptop, or even U disk.


If the GPS chip is integrated into computing device, the GPS chip many function can be done in software, the cost can be further reduced. Early in 2004, SiRF company has launched such a simplified product software GPS. Philips also recently released a similar product, it can support the ARM processor, Xscale processor, x86 processor, complete a variety of GPS processing tasks.

17Jun 2016
GPS locator for fleet management

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14Jun 2016
car gps tracking system

For the entire GPS tracking system, in fact, ground control part is the core of the whole system. All GPS satellites broadcast ephemeris for navigation and positioning, it is provided by the five monitoring stations located in the ground. Ground system is responsible for monitoring GPS signal, data collection, calculation, navigation injection messages, status diagnosis, […]

09Jun 2016
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June 11, Beijing National Convention Center, The 2014 geographic information Developers Conference (WGDC2014) kicked off here as the theme of “open intelligence fusion”. Geographic Information Development Conference held since 2012, during these three years, with the rapid development of China’s geographic information industry, now has become the most influential in the field of geographic information […]

06Jun 2016

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04Jun 2016
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Use of GPS positioning function to get back motorcycle which has been sold, 21-year-old employee of the property sell the same motorcycle four times in 2 months. Court of Final Appeal has recently sentenced him to 10 months.   According to Beijing News agency reported the news article:   The prosecution alleges that, in September […]

03Jun 2016
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