GPRS connect to GPS tracking software

How to connect GPS tracker to GPS tracking software

To track a GPS tracker real time, you need to connect the GPS tracker to the GPS tracking platform.

Many users thought setting GPRS function is very difficult, in fact, it is very easy, now we take the pet GPS tracker TE200 as an example to show how to connect a GPS tracker to GPS tracking software.

(Our personal GPS tracker TE207S and children GPS tracker TE207 have same IP and port with TE200, so the way is same to connect them to the GPS tracking software)

Please do as following step by step:


Step 1:  Adding the device on the tracking software

Login our GPS tracking software with the user name and password we offered to you. (demo user name: demotest  password:123456)


Click  below to get enter into the manage page

gprs setting steps

Click  below to add new cars to this group

gps tracker gprs setting


3, choose the group name you set, then click “new” button

how to set gprs


4, You will get add new device page:

gprs setting for tracker


Choose TE here for “Kind”.

GPRS ID, write the device IMEI number here

Plate No: any number you want


Other items you can write according to you like.

Then Click:  “save” button, the vehicle information will be successful to be saved.

gprs steps to software




Step 2: Send SMS command to make the pet GPS tracker send GPS data to Ftracking server

Ftracking server IP:  Port: 2040


  1. Set the authorized number for TE200

Command: A1

If use your cell phone to send this command, your phone number will be the authorized number;


  1. Set IP and Port:

Command: IP1,IP/domain name,port

For example:  IP1,,2040


  1. Set APN (Your SIM card APN, if you don’t know the APN, please contact your SIM card supplier)

Command:   S1,APN

For example: S1,internet


If the APN has username and password (Your sim card APN Username and Password) please send:


For example:  S1,internet,internet,internet


  1. Set time interval

Command:  TIxxS/M/H

For example: TI01M


After do above steps, the pet GPS tracker could send GPS data and alarm to Ftracking platform.

You could check your pet real time tracking on the Ftracking.


  1. It is very importance to know the APN of SIM card in the tracker, if you don’t know the APN of SIM card, you should check this with your local SIM card provider, they would tell you the APN. Also check if the APN need the user name or password or not. Must make sure the APN is correct.
  2. If use your own tracking server or the third party software, you need to set the IP,Port of the other tracking platform, and confirm the IP and Port is correct.