Satellite navigation system includes a global positioning system (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the Beidou navigation test satellites, the Galileo navigation satellite system (GALILEO), they provide a wide range of positioning for human resources and the environment, satellite navigation are widely used in China’s transportation art industry, precision agriculture, forestry, fisheries, earth resources survey and mapping, emergency management, social security, and other atmospheric measurements, shows great potential.


Satellite navigation market is very active, highly favored by large international companies; strong development momentum, the industry chain is relatively long, involving not only software, geographic information resources, but also relates to manufacturing (chip and navigation systems, etc.). National relevant departments attach great importance to the development of this industry, the NDRC set up industrial projects, support the development of the satellite navigation industry; Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology has launched a number of projects in support of satellite navigation technology standardization and industrialization demonstration.


In the direction of product development and technical services for the field of satellite navigation, it can be divided into a variety of market segments: GIS data providers and suppliers to provide maps and location-related data and digital map services; a variety of application services system basis, to provide information about service providers based on the location of the integrated services; providing products, technologies and systems integration services product providers and service systems integrators. Satellite navigation as a new industry, its structured differentiation and improvement value chain, marking the great vitality of the industry is maturing. Satellite navigation and positioning technology is closely related to the rapid development of communication technology and computer technology, the improvement of the communication network, mobile communications technology such as third generation mobile communication (3G), Bluetooth, wireless local area network (WLAN) and other development, the popularity of the Internet, embedded mobile chip, embedded operating system and mobile database technology development, all for the applications of satellite navigation and positioning technology laid the foundation.



The rapid development of China’s economy provided the impetus for the navigation industry. By sea, for example, the completion of China’s port throughput exceeded 40 million tons, more than the sum of Europe, the huge demand for navigation technology; container throughput exceeded 60 million, smart containers being developed will also be a satellite positioning system a huge user base.


Among the satellite navigation applications, the vehicle navigation market is still the hot application. Our vehicle tracking and monitoring system have nearly 10 years of development, formed in 2000 to nearly 300 network, the total loading of more than 50,000 units, mainly used in finance, public security, dangerous goods transport and postal and other special vehicles. In recent years, also made great progress in public transportation, rental and fleet management, private car navigator loading capacity are improved significantly; this car navigation is undoubtedly a hot industry. According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers data, in 2007, China’s production of various types of vehicles more than 8.7 million, of which auto car sales reached 4.72 million, an increase of 23.46%. But the car navigation usage is low, less than 5% in 2005. The future development potential of the car navigation market is huge; it will become an important driving force of China’s satellite navigation market.


Engaged in satellite navigation and positioning products and services market size of about 30% per year rate of increase in 1998, an annual rate of around 50% increasing after 1998, the total market, about 1 billion Yuan in 2000, 15 billion Yuan in 2001, reached 32 billion Yuan in 2003, reach 12 billion Yuan in 2006.


Our enterprise engaged in satellite navigation industry can be divided into: a receiver hardware (including chips), software development, electronic navigation map production and services, production and development of navigation receivers, vehicle monitoring system integration, software development and application navigation, car navigation system integration and other types.


Navigation electronic map used to be the bottleneck restricting the development of the navigation industry, under the guidance of national policy, particularly in support of the NDRC launched the satellite navigation industry demonstration projects, through the hard work of enterprises; this issue has been a major breakthrough. In terms of electronic navigation maps technology, industrial capacity, service capacity have achieved important results, has become the electronic map products with market competitiveness, and has been successfully applied to establish a more comprehensive basically adapt to the application of industrial development of navigation marketing and service network. Our navigation map industry enterprises are the backbone and core formation, Beijing MapInfo Navigation Information Technology Co., Ltd. High German software, Beijing Ling Software Technologies Ltd., Shenzhen Kay Lade computer systems Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Rita SCIENCE Ltd. and other enterprises, through technical innovation, with the core technology of the navigation map, built a domestic large-scale modern production base, laying a foundation for the development of China’s satellite navigation industry, offers navigation market a rich and useful data resources.


Satellite navigation application software industry also has been greatly developed, almost can meet the basic needs of the Chinese market, such as the navigation software Skywalker Lingtu from Beijing Ling Software Technologies Ltd., Intelligent voice navigation system from Beijing Hi-Tech Information Technology occasion Intercity Ltd and navigation engine from Beijing Super Map and other specialized software products, provide the market with a choice.


Another important development direction of navigation in the field of mobile communications is in connection with location-based services and integration of applications. With Internet technology, wireless communication technology, mobile communication technology, satellite navigation technology combined with geographic information systems, in particular the launch of 3G mobile communications, the public face of network geographic information services and location-based services (LBS) will become Highlights new geographic information industry development and an important direction of development.


Many of our research institutes and universities in satellite navigation technology plays an important role in the development, but companies have become the main industry, not only business development, electronic navigation map produced by the body to receive various types of hardware and software systems, but also is involved in long-term since the research department led the development of standards. Large enterprises and satellite navigation industry chain development is being formed, will be China’s satellite navigation industry has played an important supporting role.