Customer Care

The core competitiveness

Gotrack core competitiveness is: we design, develop, manufacture and sale the GPS tracker, all flow is completed by ourselves.

We design the first vehicle GPS tracker in 2000, now the vehicle GPS tracker VT380 has a big improved many times, it is the best famous vehicle GPS trackers in the world. Our first personal GPS tracker is designed in 2003, and sold on market in 2004.

TV680 is the first GPS watch in the world; it is welcomed by sports man and elderly. Our pet GPS tracker TE200 comes out this year, it is outstanding because of its high quality, smart design, light weight, small size.What’s more, we design and develop many OEM products for our customers these years.

The core competitiveness is not just by learning and imitation will be able to obtain, it must be within that corporate culture, we must construct their own, very exclusive. The core competitiveness of enterprises is to provide a possibility to enter the diverse market, while the final products can provide great added value. Which company has a core competence, will win in the market active and competitive advantage.


The service


Customer service is our company sole reason for existence. Any time, regardless of the available GPS tracking devices to the customer, or explore a new technology to develop a new product, whether it is with customers, communication, or optimize workflow, our companies always try to return to the most fundamental question – what is the customer’s needs.

Our Company’s goal is to meet customer demand and make our customer to make more benefit. The adoption of our GPS tracking device providing our customers to create more value is always our mission. We believe that the customer needs is the key to the success.

Our people have thorough knowledge of inventory, experience with different working performance of our GPS tracking units, and are able to help our customers make the best choices for their demand, treat customers with a friendly, helpful attitude. We are looking forward to building a long business relationship with your company.