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09Jun 2016
car gps network

June 11, Beijing National Convention Center, The 2014 geographic information Developers Conference (WGDC2014) kicked off here as the theme of “open intelligence fusion”. Geographic Information Development Conference held since 2012, during these three years, with the rapid development of China’s geographic information industry, now has become the most influential in the field of geographic information […]

04Jun 2016
motorcycle gps protection

Use of GPS positioning function to get back motorcycle which has been sold, 21-year-old employee of the property sell the same motorcycle four times in 2 months. Court of Final Appeal has recently sentenced him to 10 months.   According to Beijing News agency reported the news article:   The prosecution alleges that, in September […]

03Jun 2016
gps tracker for big truck

In related news: From July 1, “Road transport vehicle dynamic supervision and management approach” (the “Approach”) will be formally implemented; there would be higher requirements and constraints on dynamic regulation of road transport vehicles   “Rules”, the road transport vehicles, including tour buses, charter buses, three or more classes lines bus, dangerous goods transport vehicles, […]

03Jun 2016
gps tracker development

Satellite navigation system includes a global positioning system (GPS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), the Beidou navigation test satellites, the Galileo navigation satellite system (GALILEO), they provide a wide range of positioning for human resources and the environment, satellite navigation are widely used in China’s transportation art industry, precision agriculture, forestry, fisheries, earth resources survey […]

31May 2016

What is Car GPS Tracker? GPS global positioning system is usually referred as GPS by people, there are various kinds of receivers for satellite global positioning system, according to the classification performance and it would has different types. If you follow the model to distinguish, it can be divided into the timing type, total station, […]

08Dec 2015
elder gps tracker

GPS Tracker is a versatile tool that can be used to track people and vehicles. Its built-in GPS chip and cellular phone module, the location can be transmitted over the network to the server, the administrator can understand where the real-time tracking devices via computer. Most traditional tracker relatively huge volume, carried by individuals is […]

08Dec 2015
gps satellites

We know that the GPS receiver works with three or more satellite communication, and confirm the distance, the receiver goals is calculated by the three-dimensional coordinates. However, the actual positioning accuracy is related with the number of satellites receiving, satellite azimuth, signal strength and other related.   In addition, GPS performance has a time to […]