Company News

30May 2016
gps-locator for electronic bike

New crowd funding on e-bike GPS locator March 18, Gotop opened a crowd funding activities on Gotrack electronic bike GPS locator; this is the first official meeting online on this electronic bike for majority of users of electric bike. With its powerful configuration and excellent performance, GoTrack electronic bike GPS locator brings unprecedented safety innovation […]

08Dec 2015
dog gps locator

Lost dogs and cats at home is one of the most reluctant thing, after all, not every dog can find their own home way. So Gotrack Limited invented this pet GPS tracker.   The pet tracking device is divided into two parts, one tracker, worn on the neck of the dog; the other part is […]

08Dec 2015
shoe GPS tracker

In the era of rapid economic development, businesses are closer to the technical.  The change is enormous in scientific and technological fields. The smart wearable devices have become a new field of science and technology current, many intelligent wearable devices began to enter the public eye. Recently, a GPS positioning shoes, become the new choice […]