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17Jun 2016
GPS locator for fleet management

Currently there are many brands of GPS locators on the market, depending on the performance of the product have different price, ranging from several hundred to several thousand. GPS locator can be divided into personal and vehicle terminal positioning tracker. GPS car terminal is installed in the vehicle includes a GPS receiver capable devices. GPS […]

14Jun 2016
car gps tracking system

For the entire GPS tracking system, in fact, ground control part is the core of the whole system. All GPS satellites broadcast ephemeris for navigation and positioning, it is provided by the five monitoring stations located in the ground. Ground system is responsible for monitoring GPS signal, data collection, calculation, navigation injection messages, status diagnosis, […]

06Jun 2016

Positioning and monitoring in real-time – Clean Street without trash   According to the news reports, Beijing launched integrated management mode which implement of urban and rural, regardless of the area Street station, regardless of primary and secondary roads, regardless of the community, the implementation is just for a standard. Equip with full-time cleaners, advanced […]

19Dec 2015
gps satellite drift

Why GPS drift when Stationary   GPS positioning principle To understand this problem, first of all, we should understand the GPS positioning principle. From a mathematical point of view, it is the space known three positions, and you go to the relative distance of these three, find your location, which is three-dimensional geometry in a […]

15Dec 2015
fall down alert elder

When people become old, their bodies are changed too. They maybe easy to be fall down. If could not be rescued on time when elderly fall down, maybe generate series result. So children usually worry about their parents when they went out. Now, Gotrack company newest elderly GPS tracker help you to solve this question. […]

08Dec 2015
protect car by gps

Anti-theft GPS tracking device help police capture car thieves Two men steal an electric bicycle which fitted with a GPS tracking device,  the police chase and arrested car thieves promptly under the GPS tracking device “Help”, In the evening of 2 December 2015, Mr Lee, who lives in temple town of XiQing District, lock the […]

24Nov 2015
sirfstar gps chip

GPS chip industry mushroomed after 2003, showing a flourishing situation. Currently GPS chip is designed and produced by more than 10 manufacturers, including the United States SiRF (SiRF), Garmin (clever), Motorola, Sony, Fujitsu, Philips, Nemerix, uNav, uBlox etc.   SiRF acquired Motorola’s GPS chip business in 2005, and will cooperate in Motorola’s GPS-enabled smart phones […]