For the entire GPS tracking system, in fact, ground control part is the core of the whole system. All GPS satellites broadcast ephemeris for navigation and positioning, it is provided by the five monitoring stations located in the ground. Ground system is responsible for monitoring GPS signal, data collection, calculation, navigation injection messages, status diagnosis, and track correction. It was with the ground monitoring system of mass data processing, which makes GPS system operate accurately.


Car GPS tracking system, it is a good application on GPS tracking system, that have make us to get the benefits, the most suitable application areas are: transport and logistics, car rental, concrete mixing vehicles, road passenger transport, city bus, taxi dispatch, various emergency repairs, the administrative law enforcement, security escort, express delivery, public security patrol, armed forces, corporate fleet, private car theft etc.


1, Real-time tracking: GPS tracker can offer 24-hour vehicle location, driving direction, speed, and show the location on map.


2, History playback: You can query any vehicle traffic at any time, display car position on the map dynamically, and you can play back the history of car position.


3, Mileage and fuel consumption management: analyst the mileage and fuel consumption of the vehicle at any time by trajectory computing technology


4, Report Management: The system can automatically generate a report every day, like driving and parking reports, traffic jams report; parking is not burn-out report, statistics out of the bus working time, closed car time, travel time, and mileage.


5, Alarm function: speed alarm, Geo fence alarm, GPS antenna cut alarm, parking overtime alarm, power failure alarm, custom alarm, etc., when the alarm condition occurs, the GPS tracker would automatically send a message alert to the owner’s mobile phone.


6, Emergency SOS function: In case of emergency, the driver in the car can press the SOS button to the monitoring center for rescue.



In order to solve the problem on the theft of the electric car, motorcycle, Yingtan police use small GPS tracker to deal this issue. According to introduction of Public Security Bureau, the size of GPS tracker is only half a palm-large, randomly installed in different location of the electric vehicle, when there is a vibrate or start illegally, the tracker will send SMS alerts to owner’s mobile phone, through the phone, the owner can monitor electric vehicle current position and route of travel. After subsidized by the government and the operators, the owner does not need to pay for the GPS tracker, only need to pay five dollars a month for Internet traffic charges. From the beginning of the year to now, Yingtan already installed more than 4000 GPS trackers on electric bike, in which stolen electric cars have all been recovered, the electric car theft incidence rate decreased by 40%.