Car GPS Installation

Where the car GPS tracker should be installed?


Many car owners and car rental companies install car GPS trackers now.

Everyone is familiar with car GPS tracker, but do not know much about the installation position. If you install only the basic positioning car GPS tracker, there are many places to choose installation; if you need more security features tracker, the installation position selecting is small. They basic need to be installed in the vicinity of the master.


Car GPS tracker application:

The car GPS tracker is mainly used in government agencies vehicle management, big company vehicle management, car rental company vehicle management. With the help of satellite positioning technology, in order to better adapt to the needs of large-scale customer management team. In recent years, the surge in auto theft rates also offer car GPS tracker greater market demand, retail and wholesale delivery trucks, delivery vehicles enterprises, private owners, etc., will be more dependent on the GPS vehicle positioning products.


Car GPS tracker installation place suggestion:

  1. Roof lights at the top of the windscreen;
  2. The inner trim panel below the front windscreen shelter;
  3. The front dashboard surrounding place
  4. Bottom of rear windshield trim panel
  5. Putting the car GPS tracker under the wipers board, should pay attention to water;
  6. Note: If the windshield with a metal paste layer insulation or heating, will reduce GPS reception signal, resulting in GPS malfunction. At this time pay attention to replacement of equipment installation location.



Installation Tips:

  1. In order to avoid damage by the thief, the car GPS tracker should be installed in a hidden place
  2. Car GPS tracker should not be put together with the emission source, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft devices and other automotive communications equipment;
  3. You can use cable ties fix the car GPS tracker, or use Velcro and paste;
  4. The device built-in GSM antenna and GPS antenna should be installed to ensure a positive direction (towards the sky).
  5. if conditions permit, you can install two car GPS trackers, a thief often do not go looking for another tracker after damage one.


For the vehicle GPS tracker, it would need to install the GSM/GPS antenna and I/O cable, even some device may need to install the camera,fuel sensor,RFID etc, people can install this wire according to the detailed user manual. After the installation, then set command to set devices to connect by GPRS to GPS tracking platform and track it in real-time.