Anti-theft GPS tracking device help police capture car thieves

Two men steal an electric bicycle which fitted with a GPS tracking device,  the police chase and arrested car thieves promptly under the GPS tracking device “Help”,

In the evening of 2 December 2015, Mr Lee, who lives in temple town of XiQing District, lock the electric bicycle near the door of the corridor after he was back home. Mr. Lee wanted to work and found the electric bike was missing in the next morning. After the incident, Mr. Lee went to the public security bureau ask police help, saying he installed anti-theft GPS tracking device on his bike. To avoid arouse the theft suspicions, the police put on civilian clothes, driving a private car all the way up, Then found electric vehicles stolen from the Lee family was on a plot a few miles outside the corridor. Although the car sets and other accessories were replaced, but the skid marks were found on the car. Police immediately decided to squat the police, the suspect implementation of the arrest. On 17 am, police found two young men ready to open the stolen car lock out,  immediately control the two man, and master their electric bike theft case in interrogation.


The two suspects had been under criminal detention per capita.

17Jun 2016
GPS locator for fleet management

Currently there are many brands of GPS locators on the market, depending on the performance of the product have different price, ranging from several hundred to several thousand. GPS locator can be divided into personal and vehicle terminal positioning tracker. GPS car terminal is installed in the vehicle includes a GPS receiver capable devices. GPS […]

14Jun 2016
car gps tracking system

For the entire GPS tracking system, in fact, ground control part is the core of the whole system. All GPS satellites broadcast ephemeris for navigation and positioning, it is provided by the five monitoring stations located in the ground. Ground system is responsible for monitoring GPS signal, data collection, calculation, navigation injection messages, status diagnosis, […]

09Jun 2016
car gps network

June 11, Beijing National Convention Center, The 2014 geographic information Developers Conference (WGDC2014) kicked off here as the theme of “open intelligence fusion”. Geographic Information Development Conference held since 2012, during these three years, with the rapid development of China’s geographic information industry, now has become the most influential in the field of geographic information […]

06Jun 2016

Positioning and monitoring in real-time – Clean Street without trash   According to the news reports, Beijing launched integrated management mode which implement of urban and rural, regardless of the area Street station, regardless of primary and secondary roads, regardless of the community, the implementation is just for a standard. Equip with full-time cleaners, advanced […]

04Jun 2016
motorcycle gps protection

Use of GPS positioning function to get back motorcycle which has been sold, 21-year-old employee of the property sell the same motorcycle four times in 2 months. Court of Final Appeal has recently sentenced him to 10 months.   According to Beijing News agency reported the news article:   The prosecution alleges that, in September […]

03Jun 2016
gps tracker for big truck

In related news: From July 1, “Road transport vehicle dynamic supervision and management approach” (the “Approach”) will be formally implemented; there would be higher requirements and constraints on dynamic regulation of road transport vehicles   “Rules”, the road transport vehicles, including tour buses, charter buses, three or more classes lines bus, dangerous goods transport vehicles, […]