About Us

GoTrack is a High-tech corporation which was founded in mainland China from 2000, with 1000 staffs, and a factory of 2500 square meters. As a pioneer of the electronic era, it has been specializing in researching, developing and manufacturing GPS products. Our main products are GPS tracker, including the vehicle GPS tracking devices, personal GPS tracking devices, cell phone GPS tracking devices, pet GPS tracking devices etc.


We can provide global buyers with GPS solutions and comprehensive OEM and ODM services. Our R&D team consists of 20 hardware and software engineers who are led by a veteran with ten years’ industry experience. With such technical backing, we can complete all R&D steps — including firmware and software development — in-house.


Producing capacity

At our modern plant, we have a workforce of 1000 that helps us manufacture as many as 100,000 GPS trackers every month. This output allows us to deliver your orders of 100 units in as fast as three working days. We welcome your small orders as well.


With prominent ability in innovating, product controlling, and sales strategy, we endeavor to actualize the dream of our clients, employees and ourselves. At the moment, we are at the critical period under the high speed evolution. To be one of the best manufacturers in wireless communication range and provide the best service to the society is our current target.


Trusted and Reliable Company

Gotrack has grown to become one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of GPS tracking units in China. This is a large factor in the reason why we have a strong commercial relationship with China Mobile, British Telecom, Digicel, AT&T and Vodafone. Other businesses around the world in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and USA, rely on us for its GPS devices.


With an extensive product range covering from simple GPS peripherals to the latest technology in vehicle and personal tracking solutions, we deliver unsurpassed products at competitive prices and premier after- sales service. In doing so, GoTrack is able to meet every customer’s needs while gaining 100% customer satisfaction on quality products and after-sale service.