Waterproof personal GPS tracker TE-207S

Waterproof personal GPS tracker TE-207S work with Ublox technical, small and fashion for personal tracking, like kids protected, child security, lone worker etc. This tracker support charging via docking station.

Car GPS Tracker with dual SIM slot VT-330

Car GPS tracker VT-330 supports base car GPS tracking function, like SOS,relay etc, more importance is that it supports dual SIM card slot, then people can use 2 SIM cards together on one tracker for tracking across different GSM area.

Easy Installtion Car GPS tracker TK-206

Car GPS tracker TK-206 has the built-in GPS/GSM antenna that ideal for car tracking,it support SOS call, Microphone for listen-in, relay for power cut off /on function. Easy for installation for car and simple to operate.

Simple Tracking GPS TK-206A

GPS tracker TK-206A is designed for simple GPS tracking with its small size. Built-in GPS/GSM antenna that can support easy installation. People can use it for car, motorcycle or electric bike tracking.

SOS GPS Tracker TE-207

Mini GPS tracker TE-207 with big SOS button,aways be used on kids, child, lone worker tracking, people also can use it for other security tracking purpose. This tracker have four color bule,black,green,pink for choice.

Pet GPS Tracker TE-200

Small GPS tracker TE-200 is ideal for pet tracking. with waterproof function and pet collar attached, it is good for cat or dog taken.Also this GPS device supports listen-in and two ways voice function that would help people to know the sound around the tracker.

  • Factory View

    GoTrack has the factory which was founded in mainland China from 2000, with 1000 staffs, and 2500 square meters in size. As a pioneer of the GPS tracking devices era, it has been specializing in researching, developing and manufacturing GPS products. Our main products are GPS tracker, including the vehicle GPS tracking devices, personal GPS tracking devices, cell phone GPS tracking devices, pet GPS tracking devices etc.

    At our modern plant, we have a workforce of 1000 that helps us manufacture as many as 100,000 GPS trackers every month. This output allows us to deliver your orders of 100 units in as fast as three working days. We welcome your small orders as well.



Gotrack are the manufacturer to offer quality GPS tracking device, including personal GPS tracker, car GPS tracker, pet GPS tracker, and we have various of tracking solution to meet security protected.

  1. Factory to supply original tracking devices

    Gotrack has been in GPS tracker field more than 15 years. The facotry is located in China, currenlty has more than 1000 staffs, over 2500 square meters in size and is filled with professional equipment, like SMT and machines Agilent, this help the production capacity reach to 15000 units per month.

  2. Best technical support provided

    Our professional technical team are ready to offer support on GPS tracker, customers can contact us via Email, Online chat or call when they have any question on sample test or market promote, our technical experts would answer question in time, we would try our best to help you slove all the problem. 

  3. Keep quality GPS tracking devices on market

    Our Quality Inspector test every GPS unit before delivery, we must make sure 100% devices can work well during prodution. Currently we have very few device for return and this make our distributor more easy to open their local market. 

  4. Free GPS Tracking software

    The web GPS tracking platform is free if dealer do not like to build their tracking platform. The tracking software is built in our server, our company would offer admin account, then our dealer can create user ID and add devices to this tracking software as free, without quantity limited. 

  5. New GPS locator updated continually

    With our fabrication facilities and R&D department efforts, we would continually offer the new tracking unit for our customers to meet the market requirement. Our company also accept product demand from our customers if they have any new idea on development.